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Wounded Warrior Versus The Spiritual Warrior

One of the odd and confusing features of leadership is the mix of both what I call “driving action” and “supportive action.”

One involves the energy of pushing and the other pulls energy.

For instance, starting a business, a leader would lead issues like mission and culture.  But since the business is only as strong as its weakest link, the leader’s job is to make sure that not only the right team members are in place, but that they are supported for success.

Even more, the more unrestrained team members are in delivering their portion of the mission for the business, the more powerful and effective the business will be.  So, the task for the leader is to balance being “out in front” with “leading from behind.”

Being out in front is a push of energy and involves will, determination and courage.  Leading from behind to equip and support the team pulls the energy from the team members and requires both humility and service (love) from the leader.  In terms of archetypes, those connected more to the Wounded Warrior archetype tend to overdo being out in front and underdo leading from behind, but those who can also connect to the Spiritual Warrior also carry the energy of love to deploy to the enrichment of their team (and the business itself).

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