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The Invitation to Keep Learning

The challenges I’ve faced in my life demanded that I become a good student of myself and of life. There was simply no way that I was gonna find my way out of the tangle of my own mind without being both interested and committed to doing whatever it took to “dig in and dig out.”

As I interact with people from many walks of life and in very different circumstances, I notice (and have come to believe) that the greatest threat we face individually and collectively if complacency. It’s clear to me that one of our greatest attributes is adaptation. And that one of our greatest deficits is adaptation. We seem to have a remarkable ability to tolerate increasing amounts of discomfort and pain. And while that can help us withstand challenges, when ignored we simply accept those challenges without actively responding to them.

Unless we take a very active interest in ourselves and how we create our lives, unless we push ourselves to unlock our own minds and emotions, we are destined to be in pain and to inflict it on each other. It’s not (in my view) intellectual brilliance that is the most valuable currency in life, but rather self awareness and the will to do whatever it takes to change and grow.

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