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Solving the Problem of Problem Solving

Problem solving is a such an integral and fulfilling part of life.  I love being confronted with a challenge, something to navigate.  It gives me a problem to solve which always feels like a big accomplishment.  It often involves helping someone else, which feels great.  Problem solving is an essential human skill, without which we can’t survive.

Despite its importance, problem solving isn’t everything.  In fact, we can become attached to solving problems, to the point where we can constantly seek out problems and create them when we’re bored.  This leaves us feeling constantly stressed and depleted.

In addition to problem solving, we also have to cultivate the skill of being: living in the moment of a conversation, being present at a meal or just sitting and observing.  No thinking.  No accomplishing.  Just enjoying being alive.

Our minds are problem solvers.  That’s what they do– but we are more than just minds.  We have a need to laugh, to enjoy, and to simply breathe and appreciate the fullness of every moment.

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