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Make Something Bigger Than Your Mind The Center

In this world, we have two choices:

  1. Make your own mind the center or your life or…
  2. Make something bigger (and more enjoyable than that) the center

The shamans taught me:

  • There were things more vast, enjoyable and powerful than my own mind
  • To grow a real relationship with them
  • And how doing that could be good for me and for everyone and everything around me.

In our world, most of us seem to be led around by our minds (thoughts and emotions) but notice how often we are called to more than that.  Like when we have an instinct or insight that doesn’t seem to come from us, but rather to us.  Or when we experience hearing something like a voice that teaches us or powerful memory that pulls us out of our thoughts.  Or when someone or something communicates just want we needed to know at the time.

Shamans taught me that the insular experience of thinking and feeling alone is a fabrication, that life itself is alive. Life has the very best interests of all beings at heart and works to aid us in where we are going.

Author – Jeffrey L. Cohen – The Shaman Lawyer

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