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I Have To Versus I Want To

I notice a big presence in our culture that seems to be about the burden of obligation.

“I have to do this.” 

“I have to do that.” 

“I have a lot to do.” 

It seems to me that the collective human belief in suffering is inescapable. But, I’ve noticed something unique about this: When I change my language, my entire experience changes/improves.

Here’s what I mean. If I decide to go get a friend from the airport, I’ll say,

“I’m looking forward to getting my friend from the airport.” 

Instead of

“I have to go pick my friend up from the airport.” 

If my wife needs something from the store, I might say,

“I want to get something from the store for my wife,”

Instead of

“I have to.”

If I decide to work late, I say,

“I want to work late tonight.”

Instead of

“I have to work late.”

When I decide to do something, why not say,

“I want to.”

Instead of

“I have to.” 

One feels free and burdensome, which is a key indicator of whether or not we are creating what shamans call hoocha, dense energy.  The other feels free and enjoyable!

I’ll pick Door number 2, please.

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