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Follow the Vision

Some people seem to be visionaries— they have been grabbed by a vision and are propelled by their passionate dedication to it.  Whether it be a musician, entrepreneur or doctor, these people seem to be captivated early on by what they’re going to do in this world and how they’re gonna deliver value. They literally spend decades in daily devotion and sacrifice for their goals.  The world notices them only after they’ve emerged visibly, so it can seem like they’re just talented or “a natural.”  But the truth is much grittier, more sweat infused, and much less linear.

These people throw themselves at their vision and passion at great cost and with great sacrifice.  They go into debt.  They miss family celebrations and time with friends.  They fail and feel like quitting, over and over again.  In fact, I think most do quit.  The sacrifices sometimes don’t seem worth it.  The challenges sometimes seem exhausting and insurmountable, and success is never assured.  The ones who emerge did two things that most won’t:  they stayed as inspired as possible to their vision, and they didn’t quit!

How many people do we all know that seem lackluster, seem uninspired, seem to have settled?  How many people can immediately come up with reasons why not to do something?  They don’t go after the degree they really crave because of the cost and the time away from family.  They don’t start a business because they don’t know how.  And because they didn’t drive forward, because they didn’t allow the passionate possibility to grab them, they live in regret or mere acceptance.

We all have struggles, limitations and challenges.  They are momentary and sometimes lengthy.  The ones who inspire us most show us what it looks like to be inspired, dedicated, and devoted.  Ironically, our greatest gift to this world is to become as passionately engaged in life as we can possibly be.

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