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Creating a New Outcome

When I identify a goal very specially, the gap between me and that goal always seems to close.  I’m very good at wandering in life, reading signs and signals, and observing where energy is flowing.  Only in recent years have I noticed how important and fun it is to dream out loud and very specifically— ideally with a collaborator.  This tactical way of living has unique creative power in life.

I think these are innate human skills, both observing and dreaming.  I’m having fun with the latter as I feel challenged and supported in declaring a specific objective—committing to it out loud.

For example, I saw my firm’s business volume dip the first two months of each year for many years.  I told myself a story about why that was.  It was a good, believable story. I thought it was the truth.  When I told my COO this story in October, I wondered if we could overwrite the expected outcome with the opposite, declaring “January and February are our best months.” We asked ourselves, “what would it take to make that true?” Then we did just that.  Guess what happened? We created a new outcome entirely!

This made us wonder:  what other stories and outcomes can we recast and recreate?

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