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Action! What A Concept

One of the most overlooked things when speaking or learning about “spiritual” things is the necessity of action.

Learning about awareness, power and choice is great.

But the purpose of spiritual teachings is to deliver—for ourselves and our communities. The point is not to know more than the next guy or to think we’re amazing.  Nope.  The point is to learn and deliver!  Action.

When confronting any challenge, especially one that seems too big, there is one question that will deliver every time:  How can I use this?

When it pulls you through and replaces the angst and suffering with pure delight, that’s the sweet spot.  The point is not to suffer by lingering in the challenge but to dance in the value derived (and delivered everywhere you go).

If it was easy, everyone would do it.  And if you’re facing it, life is giving it to you because you can!  For sure.  Every time.

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